• Only scheduled appointments (No Walk-ins)
  • Please come alone unless you are a minor and need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • All beauties will need a mask to enter the building and studio as well as wear the mask for the duration of the service.  No mask, we will need to reschedule an appointment.
  • All beauties will ask to wash or sanitize their hands for 20 seconds upon entering the studio.
  • All beauties will have their temperature checked upon entering.
  • If you have traveled outside of Honolulu within the 14 days, you will need to schedule an appointment after the quarantine period.
  • If you feel ill or sick, please give us a call and reschedule your appointment.
  • Our studio gets a little chilly, we do provide blankets but if you feel comfortable, you can bring your own.  Our blankets are washed every day.

Best practice and Universal Precautions

The steps we take to make sure our beauties and our staff is healthy and safest during this Covid Pandemic and for our reopening our studio.

Social distancing: We currently have only 2 stations open at a time.  We allotted 30 minutes in between appointments.

High touch areas:  We sanitize and disinfect all high touch areas with an EPA approved spray.

Single-Use Disposable Supplies: Our professional eyelash application supplies are either single-use and disposable, or made of materials that can be disinfected using hospital grade, EPA-approved disinfecting solutions and wipes to kill bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses.

Handwashing: The most important thing that all of us can do to protect ourselves and everyone around us from cross contamination is to always wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before and after eating, drinking, using the restroom, coughing, sneezing, touching any part of their face and before and after serving or caring for our beauties and loved ones.

Current Best Practices: We are trained stylists to use best practices to provide safe, custom-designed and lasting eyelash extensions while preventing cross-contamination from infectious pathogens as follows:

  • Conduct a pre-application consultation prior to every lash application using the Xtreme Lashes Consultation & Design Forms® designed to help you plan an individualized custom-designed eyelash extension while screening for medical conditions that may prevent you from receiving eyelash extensions and screening for signs and symptoms of infection.  We abstain from applying lash extensions to the beauty if she is showing any signs or symptoms of the infection.
  • Wash our hands before and after every lash application, and re-cleanse/sanitize our hands throughout the lash extension application every time we break contact with our beauty, or with the lash application supplies during every application.
  • Follow universal precautions, which means treating every beauty we come in contact with as if they have an infectious disease that can be transmitted by coming into contact with their bodily fluids and airborne droplets from sneezing and coughing, and to take the necessary precautions as a result. Simultaneously, treat every beauty with respect so as to not transmit any pathogens to them by cleansing our hands and not touching your eyes, nose, face or any part of your body, or anything that we have not disinfected prior to starting your eyelash extension application. And, during application, if we touch non-disinfected items or ourselves, we re-sanitize our hands before proceeding with your lash application.

Follow the step-by-step eyelash extension process and procedure and:

    • Use single-use disposable lashes supplies and segment the eyelash extensions for each individual beauty.
    • Prior to every application, disinfect tweezers and scissors by soaking them in hospital grade EPA-approved liquid disinfectant that kills pathogens.
    • Prior to every application, disinfect the surface of everything you use at your lash application station that is NOT disposable using a hospital-grade approved-EPA disinfectant.
    • We change every headrest and spray high-quality disinfectant to lazy boy recliners at the beginning/end of each lash application.
    • If we contaminate any of our supplies or our hands, cleanse, disinfect, and discard. If in doubt, cleanse, disinfect or discard.

We wanted to make sure our #1 priority is safety and sanitation.